Untold Brainardville Oblivion Session 004: Baphomet Glam, by zen tyrants

“Baphomet Glam” is a two-hour remix, combining 2 separate remixes that were to be broadcast on Fnoob-Underground-Radio in December 2014 and January 2015 as “Oblivion Quarantine Session” episodes 5 & 6. Because the Fnoob.com has recently reformatted their website and cancelled the “underground” section of their site, I did some major surgery and rearranged some portions into this slightly modified version.



Oblivion Quarantine Session episode 003


Oblivion Quarantine Session 001



zen tyrants: Tribute of the Hafgygr Issue

Exiled Ultimate: Decadent Huffabirds

Every time I visit the website of my friend and colleague, Dan Senn, I’m always amazed, excited, and profoundly inspired by his work. Whilst laid up after yet another intestinal surgery, I discovered the therapeutic healing properties of Dan Senn’s Huffabirds. During an earlier hospital visit this past summer, I nosed around his site a bit and found a film he’d taken of an installation using his Huffabirds creations (they create their own soundscapes, btw, although I decided not to steal too much of us stuff!). Earlier this month I cribbed his video, and, running various Max Vizzie algorithmic modules, generated these interesting video sequences. The techno mix was a real hodge-podge of disparate elements — I started with a live Traktor mix using a loop from DJ Femii, and added a few other layers of electronic sound. I produced the entire work whilst hooked to up an IV and n-g tube in agony at Murder Hospital, Malone, NY, but at least I was smiling.

Dedicated to Dan Senn.

I Hear Your Momma Callin’

Improvising in radiaL at the Lumberjack Research Facility, using DJ Hell‘s Halcyon Mix, 2004.